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Let’s be real–no one enjoys taking the SAT or ACT. Yet every year, hundreds of thousands of high school students drag themselves out of bed on a Saturday morning to spend four hours filling in bubbles with No.2 pencils. And every year, tens of thousands of parents register their kids in test prep classes in advance of these exams. And all for good reason—an increase of a few hundred points on the SAT or a handful of points on the ACT can translate into tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships and more college options. And with the obscene cost of a college education today, test preparation can offer a huge return on investment.

Because of its potential benefits, the test prep industry is Big Business that thrives by preying on parental angst and vulnerability. It’s not unusual for parents to fork over thousands of dollars for courses claiming dramatic test score improvements. However, many of us don’t have either the time or money for these lengthy, expensive commitments. And frankly, many of these courses are tedious, too. Taking the test is miserable enough; the preparation shouldn’t have to be.


Based in Central Florida, Wise Guys Prep is different. We’ve accelerated the test prep process, focusing on the important inside tips common to all tests. And the material is presented using humor and context that teens can easily relate to. Our mission is to provide high-energy courses that are quick, affordable, and effective. And, yes, fun.

Rob Dyer, founder and CWG (Chief Wise Guy) at Wise Guys Prep, spent more time than he’ll admit to at the country’s most recognizable test prep and study aid publisher. From that experience Wise Guys Prep was born. This is his better mousetrap.

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