Have questions? Here are some of the most common.

Why are test prep courses even necessary?

Simply put, college is one of life’s great expenses. However, an increase of a few hundred points on the SAT or a handful of points on the ACT can translate into tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships, as well as expanding college choice opportunities. A test prep course can be a huge return on investment for those willing to put in the work.

Other courses I’ve researched cost hundreds–even thousands–of dollars. Why is Wise Guys Prep so inexpensive?

It’s true that many courses cost anywhere from 5 to 10 times the amount as Wise Guys Prep. We charge less because our courses are accelerated (i.e., shorter), and we spread the cost over more students per course. Because we do this, we provide access and opportunity to students who might otherwise not have the resources to attend other prep courses.

Wait a minute. If your courses have more students, isn’t it true they won’t get the personalized attention that other courses provide?

Because Wise Guys’ courses are accelerated, our time is spent focused on providing the instruction students need to succeed as quickly and efficiently as possible. The success of any test prep course is dependent on the self-study, practice, and review that students perform outside of normal coursework. We provide tools just like the expensive courses; it’s up to each individual student to put those tools to good use.

Other courses claim they will dramatically increase SAT scores by a few hundred points and ACT scores by the handful. What will Wise Guys Prep guarantee?

The only guarantee we make–and believe other test prep companies should make–is that test scores won’t improve by osmosis. Like taking up a musical instrument, test success only occurs through intentional, dedicated practice. There are no substitutes for effort and determination. Use our tools, follow our strategies, take practice tests, review answers, and correct missteps–that’s Wise Guys’ secret formula.

If my child takes your course and still needs help in certain areas, can you help?

Absolutely. Part of our course package is the ability to email us at any time with any questions. We’ll follow-up with the relevant tip or strategy within 24 hours. For students needing more intensive assistance, we offer tutoring services either in-person or via Skype at very competitive rates. Please check out our services for more information.

I’ve heard that students often take the SAT and/or ACT multiple times. Why on earth would they do that?

Students will take multiple tests for a number of reasons. The initial test often serves as a baseline to determine a student’s strengths and weaknesses. For example, areas needing additional work are identified. Goals and expectations regarding scholarship opportunities and college choice can factor in the decision to re-test. Finally, we all have bad days; unfortunately, sometimes it can happen on test day.

You mention that schools, clubs, and youth organizations can raise funds by hosting a Wise Guys course. How does that work?

We love and appreciate the opportunity to bring our courses to a variety of venues. By providing a facility with a built-in audience, you enhance our ability to reach more students and provide more opportunity for their success. When you host Wise Guys, a percentage of each registration fee is given back to your organization. The more students attending, the more funds provided. Please contact us for more information.