Group of teenage students writing in notebooks.

Wise Guys Prep offers the following courses and services:

Wise Guys Private Tutoring (1-5 students)

Do you prefer a more focused and flexible one-on-one session? Share the fun with a group of friends? We offer private tutoring services either in-person or via Skype or Google Hangout. Our rate is $90/hour. Or invite your friends and save:

  • 2 students: $75/hour each ($150 total)
  • 3 students: $70/hour each ($210 total)
  • 4 students: $65/hour each ($260 total)
  • 5 students: $60/hour each ($300 total)

Wise Guys SAT Prep

Usually conducted over two 4-hour sessions, our Wise Guys course covers essential strategies to follow, both before and during the test. We explain concepts and provide instruction on all three SAT sections–Critical Reading, Math, and Writing–and we identify and review question types common to all tests. Strategies include: how to use the process of elimination; when to decide whether guessing or skipping a question is best; how to fill in grid bubbles (yes, there are right and wrong ways); how to best plug in answers; plus many others. Learning a few simple tips, tricks, and strategies can dramatically improve test results. We also provide course materials and recommend other resources to assist a student’s preparation once the Wise Guys course is completed. Course fee is $159.

Wise Guys ACT Prep

Utilizing the same basic framework as our SAT course, we adapt it to fit the ACT’s format of English, Math, Reading, and Science test sections. We also discuss when to consider taking the optional Writing test. ACT-specific course materials and resource recommendations are also provided. Course fee is $159.

Schools, Clubs, and Youth Organizations–Raise funds by hosting a Wise Guys Prep course! When you host Wise Guys, we’ll donate a portion of our registration fees to your organization. The more you sign up, the more you raise! Please contact us for more information.